Engage Your Audience

Succeed by engaging audiences organized around passion points.

Free yourself from technical overhead and put your focus where it should be: audience engagement.

Create great content that drives outstanding engagement. NewPress handles the rest.

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Make Money

NewPress attaches revenue mechanisms to make money for you.

You bring the passion, NewPress makes it profitable!

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Start Small

Start with as little as 10 pieces of content and an audience of any size.

Next Generation digital publishers no longer need massive scale to operate profitably.

Content is distributed on the largest platforms with the widest audiences on the internet.

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Next Generation Digital Publishing

NewPress removes barriers to entry and empowers lean publishers to compete on a level playing field with large, established corporations.

The NewPress team supplies a suite of services, best practices, business relationships, and advice that enables small, efficent creative teams to focus on core value instead of business problems.

Pricing is based on your stage of growth. For small publishers (or those just starting out), we have a revenue share model to eliminate upfront costs. For more established businesses, we offer our platform and services on a fee basis.

Now more than ever, content is king.


As a Next Generation digital publisher, your primary focus is highly engaging content.

The future belongs to creators who drive the greatest audience engagement. Secondary needs (technology, revenue, audience acquisition, funding, and so on) can all be met if a competitive level of audience engagement has been acheived.

The best content wins.

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Audience Targeting

With outstanding content, the key to outsized engagement is proper audience targeting.

Reaching the right audience with the right content is the basis of success for the next generation of digital publishers.

Targeting is baked into NewPress, so you are fully equipped to compete. Focus on enagement to drive success.

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At the end of the day, business is about money. To grow your business, the revenue mechanisms must be functioning optimally.

In the past, digital publishers were forced to focus on revenue to compete. Maintaining revenue relationships was a critical business function, and generally required dedicated resources.

The NewPress team has established strategic partnerships that we make available to the publishers who work with us.

Focus on content and engagement - NewPress will handle the rest.

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Once you have established a strong track record of engagement, work with the NewPress team to scale your audience and revenue.

We have established procedures and funding relationships to grow competitive publishers.

If your engagement is competitive, we can help your grow your business,

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